RicoRock Inc. is the industry leader for artificial rock waterfalls because our waterfall designs mimic nature—sheets, cascades, ledgers and grotto waterfalls. Most waterfall kits install in one or two days but they will last the lifetime of the pool because they are made of a high tech concrete mix. Thousands of installations in all types of climates in the past twelve years prove RicoRock to be the way waterfalls are built in the 21st century.

Simply Pools specializes in installing fiberglass swimming pools and spas across central Texas, including Salado, Belton, Temple, Georgetown, Waco and Jarrell.

Caleb’s Spring 1 Piece Artificial Rock Waterfall

One piece waterfall, cast concrete, about 300 lbs. Works well with low or high water flow (10 – 50 gpm). Two inch lip on the front edge for a built-in look.

Florida Three-Step Waterfall

Our first DIY waterfall kit installs in one hour with construction adhesive. It includes sleeves for plumbing and lights. Available with three Egg Lites and transformer. (5’4″ W x 30″ D x 24″ H)

28 Inch Waterfall

Three base pieces allow for installation on a radius. Shown here with optional waterline rock.

Texas Two-Step Waterfall

Rounded boulder style waterfall comes with natural cobbles to cover mortar joints. Base pieces have a 3 inch lip so the waterfall looks built in. Available in a compact version for tight spots.

Tennessee Ledger Waterfall

Rounded boulders and a wide ledge piece come with several small cast pieces to hide mortar joints. Side boulders can be placed as needed.

4 Piece Ledger Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

Our most popular waterfall for many years because of the large m ain ledger piece (which also weighs about 300 lbs). Works well with a low or medium water flow (10-40 gpm).

Lift Kit for 4 Piece Ledger Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

Standard and custom lift kits raise the standard waterfall to make a more dramatic presence. This kit was not designed to be used as a grotto or stair step falls.

3 Ft Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

A nice size waterfall, the original weir piece produces a sheet waterfall with about 40 gpm; a newer weir piece has more irregular water flow.

4 Ft Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

This waterfall is wide but 5 base pieces allow for installation on a radius or corner. Now available with built in sleeves for LED lights at every level.